New Sinnoh Stone gen 4 evolutions Yanmega & Gallade pvp battle tests.

Moves I’m actively using in the video
◾Yanmega quick move: Bug Bite
Charged moves: Air Slash & Bug Buzz

◾Gallade quick moves 1.Low Kick & 2.Confusion
Charged moves: Close Combat & Psychic

Special thanks for everyone sending battle requests and keep them coming! If I don’t accept your battle invite that either means I’m battling somebody or just don’t see it. You just may be featured on the channel.

If you…


  1. I think your on to something PokeAK when I saw you use Gallade and tested which quick move had the greater charge. Could one of Porygon-Z's quick moves carry the greater charge and set off a special move just as fast?

  2. Warning! Don't update to the latest Go version. It will ruin your nearby so you can almost see no raids. If you did update, you can still downgrade on Android to version 131.4 by downloading it on Apkmirror and then uninstall and install. As long as the new version is not forced (isn't yet), it will fix the problem.

  3. Hey PokeAK, you would make an excellent commentator, should Pokémon Go ever get a big e-sports following. I don’t know of any other YouTubers who would be able to narrate a match like that, and actually say accurate, sensible things. Nice work.

  4. Hey mate I'm from Australia, enjoy watching your battles. I have a few ultra league teams but no one seems to play ultra league down here, just wondering if youd add me – 6015 5799 5146.

  5. Hey Poke I've been meaning to ask, does a Pokemon gets STAB from Hidden Power depending on the typing? For example: a Ho-Oh with Hidden Power Fire or Flying will get STAB? Because Hidden Power is originally a normal type move right?

  6. Really ir a great…bcaz ur investing ur lots of stardust on pokemon as well as on us …so we get right guidance on which moveset is stronger… Thanks to u for ur all these efforts..

  7. Gallade shoulda been a community day to evolve…with better move/moves…..ak =God…the one n only pokeak .the only pogo youtuber to evolve all 6 new pokemon in 1!…vid!!!..thank you..and we love ya fam!!!…Ohio love homie!!!

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