Wraith Spotlight – Apex Legends

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Wraith Spotlight – Apex Legends

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  1. I’ve mained Wraith for a very long time now and one tip I can give with her alt is when you’re at bunker if you’re unsure on traps or enemies but you need to push through for whatever reason then have your team wait at the entrance while you place a portal from one end to the other then use into the void whilst placing that portal to avoid any traps or enemies

  2. You forgot to mention she has the best, smallest hitbox in the entire game. Gibraltar dies more often everytime due to his massively hitbox. Seriously with all due respect to Respawn entertainment. Apex:Legends is a really great game but those hitboxes needs to be fixed… asap.

  3. I love wraith, shes such an awesome legend and I really enjoy playing hear aggressively and when in trouble I jump in the void to escape or to flank

  4. She's trash which is so annoying cause her design is so awesome. A straight up teleport would've been great but no, into the void which does almost nothing and hardly gives you time to reposition instead. Passive sucks for sure, always available way too late. Ultimate is pathfinder's ultimate but she has to run there herself and it's shorter distance (there's literally no advantages to hers).

  5. I find it near impossible to flank with wraith because of her into the void ability. Instead I use her ultimate and her void ability to charge I’m head first and get out once I’m hurt. During a battle, I’ll use her ultimate to find another vantage point to hop to but I’ve never been able to successfully flank with out being downed by the whole other squad

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