WINGMAN & PEACEKEEPER NERF | Apex Legends: Full Patch Notes – Latest Update News (New Patch)

Today in Apex Legends we are looking at the latest patch to drop. I’ll talk you through everything that has been implemented already and what we will see change once Season 1 of the Apex Legends Battle Pass will drop. I’ll talk you through the full patch notes and how it will effect everything in game. There are lots of changes to keep in mind, with weapon balancing. There is a wingman nerf, a peacekeeper nerf and some legend nerfs and buffs too. This video should have you covered if you…


  1. I have played just a little bit. The balances are subtle but a nice change. The Wingman feels just a little less beast but not overly so. I would still loke to see "scaling hit boxes" for those larger legends. What I mean is less damage on those larger hit boxes until it is the same as those average size hit boxes. Maybe make this scalimg only apply to health and not armor.

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