Will Call Of Duty Blackout KILL PUBG?

Today’s video: Will Call Of Duty Blackout KILL PUBG?
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  1. So far, all the comments I've seen are "this is definetely better than pubg" or "pubg is dying" but you can't actually compare this to pubg. Pubg has more realistic aspects but CoD, as usual, is just futuristic … like where the f*ck is the recoil in CoD??? "Gunplay is so unpolished in pubg" Mate just git gud on recoil control. Yes, I do agree that pubg is dying but this is not better…

    And then you have pubg mobile <3

  2. Great vid covert..hard to say what impact both games will have on each other..both games are giants..but i will say i love both games and will play both going forward..and il also say to pubg if you do fall…pubg 2 is a good idea..make it fully developed..il defenitly buy that game..

  3. Sad to see, but it will.
    Viss deleted PUBG, Doc and Shroud don't play it anymore…
    Fortnite won't die from this, because 9-year olds won't buy something like that, they will stick around with comics, but Playerunknowns players will change to BO… :'(

  4. So I think a lot of people will leave pubg initially to play blackout. But anytime a new map comes out on pubg people will go back to it. Also the blackout hype will only last a few months unless there are updates every 2 or 3 months sorta like the "seasons" on fork knife.

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