Why Does Bloodhound Hate Pathfinder? My Theory for Bloodhound Backstory In Apex Legends

Why Does Bloodhound Hate Pathfinder? My Theory for Apex Legends Bloodhound Backstory. I cover Bloodhound origins and Pathfinder origin story theory in this Apex Legends video.

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  1. hi lmao, i guess you don't know who pathfinders creater is?
    His creater is actually Wattsons dad (papa?? which is shown in one of her voicelines). He makes pathfinder, and maybe he dies from the company that owns pathfinder? The company steals the ideas and thus creating the story behind the island.

  2. Oh thanks bro nice work now they’re not gonna release that origin story because obviously that’s exactly what they were wanting to do but now since you released it way too early for them not to be able to make more money On it with slow crappy low-quality and small content amounts through seasonal drops. So ya now they’re just going to change that story completely and make up some other bullshit that they say will be hidden in the seasons that I’ve already dropped but deep down you’ll know this is all your fault for being right

  3. you know how pathfinder is used to make paths i guess because you know he uses the weird robot things to know where the storms going to be. what if bloodhound tracked things and made paths for a group and got really wealthy then pathfinder was made and takes over bloodhounds job bloodhound loses all his money and for a last resort becomes one the of the allather worshipers or whatever and that's why he wants revenge

  4. What if wattson is pathfinders creator, it doesn't make sense how pathfinder just happens to have a built in USB thingy that can determine where the next ring would be, it seems like you'd need to get something like that from the creator of the ring herself, and wattson has been studying the apex games all her life, she could of just built pathfinder to know she has a loyal companion that helps her know where to put her interceptor and fences.

  5. Maybe instead of pathfinder being the one that caused the explosion, maybe he was a rescue robot who maybe just failed to save his brother, or instead saved blood hunter and couldn't save his brother.

  6. So great theory only thing I see as a issue is bloodhound as well as there kin not that any are alive anymore but they got there wealth from hunting dangerous game. But it could be that the corporation that made Pathfinders could have very well been responsible for the death of not just bloodhound's father not brother but possibly there entire race. The biggest thing to remember is the only thing that makes path special is whoever made him made him aware of himself and those around him instead of being a mindless drone like the rest of Marv units

  7. Respawn: let's add a funny lil easter egg in season 3 trailer that is not suppose to mean anything too exciting

    Gaming Merchant: this is the new apex legends lore and bloodhound HATES pathfinder!!!

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