What Is The Best SMG in Fortnite 2019?

The Drum Gun has made a controversial return so let’s take a look at how it fits into the game while also comparing it to the 2 other SMGs. Thanks for watching! 🙂

Gameplay footage provided by Basim –



Outro Song: Steerner x Tobu – Alive


  1. Drum gun: hey guys I m back.
    Fortnite vault compact smg
    Drum gun: no compact, please suppressed don't leave me.
    Suppressed: I wouldn't.
    Fortnite vault suppressed smg and added burst smg
    Burst: hi I'm new here
    Drum gun: crying just put me back.

  2. Honestly i like the game now cuz before i only used compacted smg and pump
    But know i use tactical and drum gun and its so op
    Cuz i use the drum gun to kill people with shotguns and i win
    And people with drum gun i actually manage to kill them with tac
    But why Take out pump?

  3. In conclusion: the drum gun is op. People hate it but also love it. That's why it was unvaulted. It might be unbalanced but if almost everyone has it how is it unbalanced to those players. The advantage of them having a drum gun is pointless if you both do

  4. Make the drum gun have 45 bullets(5 bullets makes a big difference) make the silence have 25 bullets and make the compact have 35 bullets, make the drum gun have more recoil, slow fire rate by a bit that’s what I think should happen

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