Venusaur Deep Dive: Ultra League in Pokemon Go PVP!

Venusaur Deep Dive: Ultra League in Pokemon Go PVP!

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  1. I've got a similar team. Using Alolan Muk, Charizard, and Meganium. Only have 1 community day Venusaur and have that set for great league. Pretty solid so far. I should have kept Meganium for great and Venusaur for ultra since my Meganium is about 2100 CP but I didn't realize at the time.

  2. ahh just noticed you channel was gone!! watched the video on what happen shitty deals maybe should get like poke AK the spread the word I know you guys collabed before also im pretty sure lot of your subs are also subscribed to poke AK aswell just a thought…. lets get 100k AGAIN!!

  3. The team I'm currently using has Giratina-A (classic lead), Alolan Muk (Giratina counter, fairy, and plant killer) and Blaziken (Snorlax and Regi counter) so Venusaur is no problem for me. When you have no shields Blast Burn from Blaziken does insane damage.

  4. I don't have a Frenzy Plant Venusaur, but I have been using Roserade with Pison Jab and Sludge Bomb and she is fantastic! Probably need to get the grass knot 2nd charge move but I think it would be a great pokemon to use if you dont have a venusaur with Frenzy Plant.

  5. i lead with swampert in my team so ive found i havent needed a good venusaur counter. i run my own and was thinking i may need to swap in typhlosion to deal with this matchupbut in reality i havent faced anybody who has opened with the planty boi yet. The hardest wall has been gyarados, thats the only time i swap before doing a charge move, swampert can still deal a decent chunk of dmg and charges much quicker than the plenty boi and swapping early really just saves that matchup for when you have no shields left which is a mistake.

  6. I was confidently running with Gyarados, Machamp and Giratina. I was winning constantly then I got completely wall crushed by a Charm Clefable. That forced me to replace Gyara with Venusaur. Now even Togekiss isn't even a problem 👌 It's just a battle of wits and proper switch.

  7. If people can't get snorlax they can use stoutland. Lick crunch is great vs giratina and wild charge runs trough flying and water types. And if you find a high lvl one in the wild the only cost is 10000 stardust

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