Vega 20 MacBook Pro Gaming – Battlefield 5, Black OPS 4, and Fortnite!

The 2018 15″ MacBook Pro with Vega 20 is the first IMPRESSIVE Apple laptop for Gaming! The MacBook I’m Testing➡
Gaming Mouse➡ ⬇️more info below⬇️

Check out the VEGA 20 benchmark video here➡

Vega 20 MacBook Pro on B&H➡
Vega 16 Model here➡

560X model in my charts➡
555X model in my charts on Amazon➡…


  1. The MacBook I'm Testing➡ – My Fav Gaming Mouse➡
    Check out the VEGA 20 benchmark video here➡
    Vega 16 Model here➡
    ▶ Check out my gear on Kit:

    Vega 20 MacBook Pro on B&H ➡
    Vega 16 Model here➡

    560X model in my charts➡
    555X model in my charts on Amazon➡

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  2. My Mac throttled whenever I ran some heavy gaming on it (Ex. Rainbow6, csgo) . The FPS dropped from over 100 to lower than 10. Is there a possible way to solve this problem?

  3. Great video!
    I had a question if anyone can answer or has experienced this. I tried gaming on my MacBook Pro 2019, fully spec model with Vega 20 card. Just wanted to see how it would function. I was playing dying light and it ran perfect….but what I noticed was that I had the power adapter plugged in the whole time and my battery percentage stayed at 50% and after I was done playing for about an hour I unplugged it and it said it was at 54% not sure if it’s just holding power and not filling the batter?
    Can someone please clear things up for me

  4. Apple needs to do 2 things:
    1. Be willing to compromise on thinness and lightness on the 15 inch pro (to some extent) for the sake of cooling.
    2. Switch to Nvidia and take advantage of the better cooling by including faster graphics cards.

    Graphics aren't everything, that's definitely true. But the 15 inch pro is the only MacBook that has a dedicated GPU, and with a low ceiling on there, it's sacrificing its ability to be a viable "pro" machine for some people in exchange for the benefit of being a thin and light Apple artwork.

  5. Thanks for this video!!!! I wanted to go full on macbook for Netflix, work, and editing/gaming. Very impressed with what I see. I think i'll go windows partition for gaming and macos for work and editing! It will be the most expensive thing I've purchased since my first financed car but with hard work and dedication I can make a return.

  6. Okay so it’s like a gtx 1050 ti… What is so special about that? New laptops are starting to do 4K ultra with a full RTX 2080 for probably the same price as the MacBook shown in the video lmao.

  7. The Vega 20 is equivalent to a GTX 1050 Ti in gaming performance. The Pro 560x is equivalent to a GTX 1050 "LAPTOP"variant which is slower then the full desktop model if anyone cares.

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