Ultimate Xim Apex Settings V2.0 | FortNite Battle Royale | Builder Pro With Keybinds And Config File

UPDATED CONFIG: as of 2019/03/06 S8

In Today’s Video I discuss the Ultimate Xim Apex Settings I use on FortNite Battle Royale with Builder Pro! I’ve included my Keybinds and Configuration and below you’ll see more information on my Mouse Settings etc.

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– Fortnite: PS4 Pro
– Battle Royale Keybind & Config ::
– Xim Apex –
– Controller Sensitivity: Max
– Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Elite |…


  1. I just got the xim apex and i’m very impressed by how perfectly it works! Like every game i get 10+ kills easily just because the mouse and the aim assist but i’m starting to get afraid that i’ll be banned just because the aim assist is too broken.
    So I don’t know do i turn the aim assist off or i just leave it on. Thanks 🙏

  2. Hey Mr. Omega, nice Video. I want to try your Settings. But if i copy and paste your Settings, it only shows me error.

    Can you maybe Check the Config file?

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