Welcome Trainers to another Pokemon GO Video!

In Today’s Video we will be discussing my Top Tips for Go Fest 2019 in Chicago! We cover what to wear. What to bring, and tips on how much storage you should clear as well as how much Stardust you should bring!

Hope to see you all there!

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  1. Hey guys want to clear something up you will for sure need to bring a Clear or Mesh backpack to Go Fest 2019 Chicago! In the video I was unsure but after double-checking the FAQs you will need to bring a clear or mesh backpack just like go fest last year.

    This also means that most likely there will be no lines like last year as well which is great!

    Below is a link to FAQs for the even if you are still unsure about what's prohibited from the event.

  2. Great tips… thanks!!! I have a question, since you have been there several times. I'm a youtuber as well and I noticed in the rules, that say no tripods or profesional recording gear. I have what most pokemon go youtubers have. A Sony a6000 (small camera) with a mic and a gorilla pod (not the biggest one). Do you know if that gear is allowed at the fest? Thanks!

  3. Who was checking that you had a clear backpack in Go-Fest 2018? There was no security or even a line to get in. There were joggers and people walking their dogs in the park during the festival. No one is checking for clear backpacks.

  4. I got tickets, im so happy because we had already booked our hotel and flights! So excited, it can’t come quick enough! I just need to clear up a bunch of dex space.

  5. Great tips. My friends invited me to go with them but I had a family reunion weekend (my first fathers day too) already planned. Oh well! I look forward to your videos and the other YouTubers Videos!

  6. Good tips. I lol’ed at if you don’t have a portable charger do you even play Pokémon go? Totally got one for that reason! Excited for you. I’ll go one day. Might try for next year.

  7. Thanks for the tips! If you end up setting up a meetup for YouTubers, definitely let me know! My ticket is for Saturday, but I will also be in the area on Thursday and Friday! 🙂

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