Top Apex Legends Launch Commands for Extra features and Performance

Find out the best Apex Legends launch commands for performance, mini map rotation, fps counter, velocity counter, bullet change, and more!
1: Showpos
in your autoexec.cfg, place:
cl_showpos 1
bindtoggle “x” “cl_showpos”
2: Showfps – here is a great command for an fps counter toggle
//fps toggle
bind “f3” “fpscycler”
alias “fpscycler” “togglefps1”
alias “togglefps1″…


  1. I'm the only one who think when u remove the smoke and fire from shooting it's feel wierd and unreal instead get better aim it's make me aim worst or it's maybe coz I not use to it played 705 hours on the regular game settings

  2. If you played titanfall most of you would be awake you had the option to automatically run, you can slaps enable this for apex by adding ‘+speed’ in autoexec

  3. Your video shows very good helpful hints, it helped me a lot. Just a pity that you can only partially see your Apex Launch Options would like to have seen them all and tried. Because many parameters and settings of Apex Legends I do not know. Thank you for the helpful video!!!

  4. Hey man, thanks for all these helpful commands but I would like to know if you have information regarding the banner command "cl_show_banner 0" which I believe disables the banner in-game? I have scoured the internet to no avail and would appreciate it if you could tell me what the command is. Regards

  5. This game is nothing but a joke especially playing with randoms never failed every time as soon as we land I go to my building but my teammates hurry up quickly loot in my building take all the s*** and then they expect me to play the game with them like you just ran in there to all the good s*** knew I was losing that building then you want me to help you get a dog s***

  6. I think you might need to correct a misinformation about cl_showfiredbullets "0"
    and cl_ejectbrass "0". I tested in game and it does not work, with or without ""

  7. You can put +speed into your auto exec for auto run. What I mean is that when you press W to walk, it will run automatically for you, no longer needing to press shift. But with that said, I’ve found that this command disables the shift key completely (you can’t press it to zoom in on a sight), and it also disables the inspect weapons bind.

  8. PLEASE READ: the remove bullets command I posted here before also causes rendering issues with the smoke. I've removed it from my game because whilst it can improve frame rate during shooting, it could be exploited. I'd suggest to remove it too ☺️

    Here's a fun one for you guys. +cl_ragdoll_force_fade_time 900 can be used to make player bodies stay for 15 minutes instead of a few seconds. Can be quite hilarious. Unfortunately, the command to make ragdolls act like they're on the moon (+cl_ragdoll_gravity -1000) doesn't work ?

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