Top 5 Fortnite Hacker Abilities YOU DIDN'T KNOW WERE POSSIBLE!

Top 5 Fortnite Hacker Abilities YOU DIDN’T KNOW WERE POSSIBLE!
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  1. I’ve been killed by a hacker it was a blue skull trooper not ghoul trooper or the girl version of skull trooper it was the blue skull trooper… here’s the story: I was in dusty Depot or what was left of it and killed a default and at the time my audio was on full… I was real satisfied and said ya’know what? Imma kill some more noobs after I heard gunshots in the background so I’m running and then get pumped in the face from behind out of nowhere audio on and everything

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  3. I got eliminated by a hacker once

    I was at Mega Mall and a default shotgunned me and right when i spectated him he was at polar peak than some how switched to Neo tilted in under a second!!!

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