Top 5 Apex Legends Mirage Buff Concepts

Thanks for watching!! In this video I cover the top 5 mirage buff concepts for the future apex legends update that comes with some legend changes. I also show off the reply from respawn devs about mirage. I post daily Apex Legends Tips and Tricks, High kill games, Updates, News and More!! Subscribe and Like for more!

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  1. For the passive I think that when M drops below 25% health he cloaks for 5 seconds and a death-coy is dropped in his place, giving them the chance to escape. Could have a 1-minute cooldown between activations

  2. I feel like a simple buff to his passive would be something similar to the Dead Ringer for the spy in Team Fortress 2, when shot you will gain a speed boost, drop a fake knocked mirage, and become invisible for a short period of time. This will only trigger when a set amount of damage has been done so it doesn't replace his Tactical.

  3. there's a simple way to buff him , make him be able to switch places with clones, and if he's still weak make clones slide and jump, also climb on command , like you could hold down the ability button and choose to prioritize a certain type of movement , so you could for example say slide , and then send the clone towards a hill , to slide down it , or select climbing , and point the clone towards a wall

  4. A change to make number one would be that the decoys are invisible and crawl in three different directions

    EDIT:the directions of the decoys would be random each time you were knocked

  5. Tactical: If the decoys aimed the way you pointed after you have taken damage it would make them seem more real and probably helpful.
    Passive: His passive she be more like his ult where a he turns invisible and gains a speed boost while he and his clone mimic the same God awful cloak
    Ult: Mirage's ult should apply to his nickname. He's a trickster, right? What if he mimiced the special ability of the last Legend he downed. Such as fake Nox gas or he impersonates Bloodhound's screech

  6. Ok, I have an idea for mirage. As a warframe fan, mirages ultimate could be like one of the warframe abilities, mirage, where he spawns a circle of mirages in a circle that he is a part of (not in the middle of) that do the same actions as you but don't eat up damage or deal damage. They can go through walls, though.

  7. my idea is to make mirage like bangalore
    1.his passive will stay the same just add something like when taking severe damage he will turn invisible for 5 seconds and bring out a clone running the opposite direction
    2.his ultimate makes him transparent and his clones will run while one of the clones is also transparent
    3.his decoys get hitmarkers and can climb walls as well as slide and and walk so that the decoy wont be noticed instantly

  8. I want to tell u why mirage is useless in fights he cant escape from enemies but if enemies are in fight he can go and flank them from back when he goes invisibel on a fight u are looking for him to kill him but what if he wasn't in a fight there is nobody searching for invisibel mirage thats kinda of a …. win win

  9. I think mirage needs a bit of reworking. He effectively needs two tactical abilities rather than a tactical and ultimate, at the moment he is too predictable which completely defies his character as a 'Holographic Trickster.'

    One of his many weakness is that everyone knows how his kit works, no matter how many times you do a complete rework on a character, that will never change, but I think I can bypass it somewhat.

    First, his current kit.
    His tactical ability benefits the enemy more than his team as it immediately shows where Mirage is just by looking at where it came from, they don't even have to shoot it.

    His ultimate is useless as everyone knows that when a pile of decoys appears to look for an invisible Mirage in the open, and chances are they will find him and easily kill him.

    The way to fix mirage would be to remove his predictability by scrapping his current ultimate and giving him essentially a second tactical but in his ultimate slot. On top of that he would need a second passive that charges his ult by 50% every time a decoy is shot.

    This new ultimate would send out a single decoy exactly like his tactical but Mirage cloaks for 5 seconds like his current ult, this would make him less predictable and therefore actually fool his enemies because lets be honest, no-one is fooled by a current Mirage ult.

    This new ultimate idea would give Mirage a new 'layer' of possibilities of where he could be, therefore securing his place as an effective flanker seeing as he is in the 'Assault' class, (he's supposed to be a flanker now but he really isn't.)

    The thing that makes the difference is that an enemy will find it difficult to tell if a Mirage has used his ultimate or his tactical meaning that Mirage could have gone one way or another rather than an enemy team 'knowing that a Mirage is invisible' or 'knowing that Mirage is where that decoy came from.'

    For those of you who think this would make him too OP, he will still be countered by Bloodhound and anyone who can think straight and keep their cool. After all these changes, Mirage will still have no abilities that are effective in assisting his team, and will still be unable to combo with anyone meaning in my opinion he will still be a balanced Legend.

    Mirage on paper is a legend who is supposed bamboozle his enemies, and the current Mirage just doesn't fit the brief.
    After these changes, only one of Mirage's countless weaknesses has been solved, he still has no team combos, people will know how his kit works, and he is still partly visible during he ult, (but that won't change)

    And in the off chance that he's still awful, just give him two decoys for his tactical like bangalore's smoke.

    Hopefully this happens because I like the concept of Mirage, but he isn't fun to play.
    If they do, then it will be far easier for them to tune him to be perfectly balanced. (as all things should be)

    (Alternatively if they're only open to tuning changes, just make his passive and ultimate completely invisible, not cloaked, invisible, cannot be seen invisible, then he just might be useful without a rework)

  10. Multi decoy ultimate where they all move different ways for sure! Best idea if you ask me. Fits his character perfectly “bamboozled”. Imagine shooting at a mirage and all of a sudden there was multiple clones going in all sorts of directions

  11. I’m a Mirage main and love playing him so much. However, I think that you should be able to cancel his ultimate so that you’re not just stuck with no other options when you get shot at during his ult.

  12. Honestly it’s pretty difficult to decide on a lot of these options. I think a lot of them are really good and would be cool to try them out. I think maybe having another type or style of mirage would be cool to have and some of the abilities are separate between the two types.

  13. As a proud mirage main I feel like it wouldn't just be a over buff for decoys to have armour but it would take away from the whole point of them being "holographic images" they are not real therefore they shouldn't absorb damage

  14. passive: turns invisible when someone shoots his shields down.

    Tactical: give him 3 charges OR he can switch places with his decoy. Also decoys should be able to go up zip lines and be around forever if they’re not shot

    Ultimate: when the invisibility is ending his gun should be able to be out, I don’t know why that’s not a thing, and it would solve most of the problems. A speed boost would be cool too

  15. I personally like mirage and have started to play him a lot. His bamboozle is great for any situation (it can even block a shot if you run behind it) I think his special is worthless however. You gain speed and invisibility but you should be able to still heal or cancel at any time. The holograms just sitting still does nothing and I hate the knock down perk. Mirage is such a great character so I wish they would make his abilities a little stronger like they are in Titanfall

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