1. Shroud could use the Mozambique the whole game and still win. Y'all need to shut the fuck up about WinGMaN OvErPowEReD.

    A few days ago Dizzy ran double Mozambique and got 7 fucking kills, but later died cuz he was playing with 2 randoms that ended up dying before him and he had to 1v3 a squad with a Mozambique. He got 2 guys downed, but couldn't get the last guy cuz he was trying to heal and got peacekeepered to the face.

    That would've given him 9 kills had he finished the other 2 or 10 if he won the 1v3 fight.

    Show me some gameplay where you guys could do the same. No one? Exactly. So shut the hell up, pleb bots.

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  3. They could honestly fix the wingman by lowering body shot damage to 43 and making it when you don’t hit people in body 39 instead of 41 tbh it would make it be an extra hit if purple armor

  4. Oh please.. this is not a game about shooting mechanics.
    The shooting is insanly easy compared to pubg and cs ( which shroud is a veteran at playing those games).
    Honestly, when pubg first came people were watching shroud's shots and were like " will i ever be able to do this".
    In this game i am watching these shots and i am like… yea.. feels like my previous game.
    Game is just too easy for veteran players of csgo and pubg… and for shroud? shouldn't even be fun at this point.
    I bet shroud will get bored of it pretty sure.
    AN awesome game to spend 1 month though… really fun
    Just not challenging.

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