1. Great video. My only question. How the he'll do your shield batteries and health packs load so quickly as if you had gold armor if you had nothing gold?
    Am I missing something here? ?

  2. I’ve played much better in the new map compared to Kings Canyon.
    My K/D went from 0.83 to 1.25. Average damage has doubled for me, and I’m regularly being the one carrying when before I was always a secondary helper.

    The map style here seems to cater to my style of play! (Keeping distance to enemies and more strategy in height).

    I always go town centre 90% of the time. It’s central. High likelihood of ring being in it. Always possible to land from the drop from almost whatever angle. And has plenty of loot. What’s not to like!

  3. So i never seen your videos before but i can tell you are a very good player, so you gotta tell me why is no one using the healing drone during a fight, not even you? Is there a reason for it. I noticed it especially at 15:05

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