The Hottest Drop – Surviving Sanhok Bootcamp in PUBG MOBILE

Welcome to #surviving bootcamp a hot drop guide for the most contested locale in the entire game. #Sanhok #Bootcamp!

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Today I’m going to talk you through the tactics required to come out of the intense close quarters gunfights and wild multi-squad brawls that make this place Adrenaline junkie nirvana.

Everything you need to know to start improving your first contact game and help you to perform…


  1. in 0.9.0 update there will be no more footprints, bullet shoot distance, etc. So you can only rely on your instict, your hearing and your reaction to spot the enemies and else

  2. me and a random was on mirimar and we bumped into a hit squad and they kill him and I clutch it took the whole squad out they must've been pissed off because let's just say i have everything needed. came second with 1 v 2

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