THE C-CLASS BOAT!?! Maserati Alfieri (3* Rank 2752) Multiplayer in Asphalt 9 (feat. bebop94)

Bebop94 tests the Maserati Alfieri in multiplayer, and find this high-end C-class car, while fast for its class, is quite a boat! Enjoy 😀

I’m going to be at Dreamhack Dallas!

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  1. You are 100% correct. I tell people it is a fat slower f12. I bought the car to get the Bugatti bp. Easily got the 4th * in the hunt. It gets much better at 4* as all cars so. I was actually only .1 off my acura time class c elite. Here are stats if you're interested 334.3 74.43(max) 40.84 71.95 . 216 mph in nitro. I never drove it at 3* though, it's hard to handle. It's pretty good in my opinion at 4, and I do finally like it. I like the Acura more though. I prefer acceleration in MP. Nitro cars are great too. Now I'd use both if they were both available. 😀

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