STRESS TESTING MY CURRENT FUSION TEAM | Fusion Cup Practice Battles Pokemon Go PvP

ICY WIND not ICE SHARD. Sorry I make that mistake several times in this video haha.

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  1. My problem is I don't have any dust. All my dust gets spent powering up pokemon for cups, the only ones I can afford second moves on are ones that are only 10k

  2. Quality looks fantastic. Your videos help me out with planning my team, keep up the good work 💪🏻
    Saw you finished first in your go stadium lobby so congrats on the promotion to ranger rank. I also finished first in my lobby so if you wanna add me to scrim: 6401 4873 8740. IGN: Jengineer6.
    I was hoping to go in the ranger lobby

  3. This is my team before Empoleon. After Empoleon I’ll be subbing out the Cloyster. Thinking about going Victreebell instead of Shiftry then and maybe double flier instead of double steel so Altaria over Bronzong.

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