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  1. I just started really getting interested in FPP this season and I actually perfer it now. Ever since you said that hiding behind walls and using that peeking advantage I’ve died soo many times like that in TPP

  2. Id actually like to see these "slumps" an you playing high rank games at random NO EDITS JUST LITERALLY RANDOM maybe couple in a row! I want to see you being a muppet! That's how we learn

  3. Bushka if I may suggest something, for your desync, try and use apps like Super Pinger in the background. They really do help with ping issue. Now Super Ping is a app for android but I guess you will find either that or something similar on the App Store. These things minimize packet loss, are anti-lag and keep your ping low whenever they are on in the background. They might crash sometimes but they are pretty useful. Give it shot eh mate. 🙂

  4. This video was amazing compared to some of your other videos not because of the content ( its speaks for itself) but because you talked while you are playing then rather commenting on it.
    Love your content man.

  5. I have good and bad runs quite regularly, yesterday i died in the first 10 minutes with 0 kills for 5 games straight. Before that I’d got 5 straight chicken dinners with 8 kills on average. Takes all my inner strength to refrain from throwing my iPad at the wall sometimes 🤬🤯

  6. Love FPP, but having real issues with NA server. For me, NA ping is less than 30 — great, right? But last half of Season 8 I never could get a match in solos — left me 6 points shy of next tier! Playing FPP squads on NA, we’re having lots of glitches, herky-jerky movement. So, this season I’ve resorted to playing EU for FPP. Ping is higher, but at least I can play. What is the problem with NA? Is the server overloaded?

  7. I love your videos. Same age as you. Injury at work forced me to find something to do with all my down time. And to do something with my kids I took up gaming for first time in 20+ years. Any tips on playing claw? I’ve configured mine same as yours, but anytime I try I have no coordination between my fingers. Been playing thumbs since season 3. Is it too late to teach this old dog new tricks? Thank you as always. You are entertaining and insightful.

  8. On a different note, I was wondering if you were having the same problem I am in zombie mode. Every match has 1-2 people that want to lay down and knock everyone down from the stairs so you get turned into a zombie. It's gotten so bad lately I rarely even play zombie mode anymore. Really wish Tencent would fix that so someone lying and moving wouldn't force you to move. It's unbelievably aggravating and just SUCKS the fun right out of that mode for me. So much funner when everyone has the same goals and works together with your faction.

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  10. Question: Has anybody realised how hackers have increased alot especially in EU server. Like I have seen more hackers in this season alone than all others combined (been playin since s2). Also hackers mainly use to be an issue in emulator lobbies but now even in mobile lobbies multiple hackers. Tencent should fix this asap. I'm literally contemplating quittin the game bcuz of this.

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