1. Frogman plays pug really well so people compare him to shroud saying that shroud is better..the thing is if shroud played the game for as long as frogman did that might be true bcz the guy was kinda born to play ya know? but the thing is hes just the average prodigy gamer guy who just wants to have fun playing games and jumps from one to another while this guy is devoted to PUBG imo there is no need for comparison, both are great players so plzzzz stop spreading the damn salt of frog is better than shroud or shroud is better than frog….its getting old now…

  2. This guy plays exactly like how I play at sanhok wtf!, lately I've been wondering what sens should I focus more into (I tried pro player's low sens yet it hindered my reflexes). His reflexes goes well with his sens, I think I would try higher sens than j9

  3. Ppl are talking about his "zero recoil". If you look at his hands in every clip, with various scopes, it makes complete sense. He's obviously playing with high sens. Look at the clip at 2:05. How much did the mouse move(that's an akm with 4x on). And at 2:09 the mouse moved like almost a centimeter back (an akm with a red dot). So, yeah, I think he's not hacking
    Edit: and why in the fking hell would he play using a handcam while hacking 🤯

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