Shroud First Time Playing Wattson Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass

Shroud First Time Playing Wattson Apex Legends Season 2 Battle Pass


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  5. Hey shroud tell Ninja he’s a little speech police pussy. Every time I see that purple haired lesbo he’s always telling someone they shouldn’t have ‘said that’ and ‘well he shouldn’t have broken the rules.’ He’s a little pansy pussy bitch. Anyways watch my stream biatch!!!

  6. I think a good way to improve Watson's problem with her fences is if someone is withing 5 meters or so maybe, it begins to slow them or stun them. So you can hide then in corners more easily without people just walking up right next to them and shooting them like they're nothing

  7. my favorite part is how he has no recoil at all and on spectator view his mouse doesnt move at all when hes shooting? Fucking logitech mouse macro's in every game with this kid to help control recoil, its sad.

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