Shroud and Wadu Teaming up With Hackers in PUBG


  1. Oh look another reason not to support this shit developer.
    It’s incredibly frustrating the ego’s of these companies and the delusion they are brilliant because they added features to an already tried and tested game mode. Then pull stupid shit like this off.
    Edit: Fuckin looking at you to riot you arrogant pricks. (Oh lets reskin dota, pretend it’s our brain child and then fucking destroy it with garbage patches and meta changes.)

  2. Lmfao , I had 3 girls on pubg pick me up in their car an drive me around an I wasn’t on their team, the drive me around an then kicked the shit out of people while I sat in the car ! I never got banned . We hit 10 ppl with the car !

  3. playing in one team with cheater, and knowing someones cheating, enjoying playin with cheater in one team should be banned too. He was flying from out of zone to safety, so hes still should be banned

  4. Bullshit tbh, he did not queue into a game with a cheater. He encountered the same asshole randomly. Fix your shit game, don't ban people who are negatively affected by this behavior 99% of the time.

  5. No mather what. Cheating is cheating.. And shroud got the correct penalty. if you choose to cheat in a game. You dont deserve to play it. And thats that. PERIOD.

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