A massively insane update bringing shiny Mewtwo into Pokemon go with PSYSTRIKE!
▪️New gen 5 coming soon with shiny variances
▪️All Deoxys forms in tier 5 raids
▪️Shiny regionals
▪️Unown hatching from eggs
▪️Shiny legendary beasts returning to raids
▪️Jirachi is here for everyone
▪️Unboxing all of the items receive graciously from the Pokemon company during the Invitational in DC

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  1. Lets hope they change psytrike, because last time we checked that move was pretty bad because of how long the animation is, it has to be a OP in my opinion, maybe make it like an outrage

  2. Imagine if Groudon receives Precipice Blades and Kyogre receiving Origin Pulse along with their Primal forms, Groudon and Kyogre´s DPS and TDO will be much higher, Groudon would remain number 1 Ground-type pokemon and Kyogre the number 1 Water-type

  3. I dont like the concept of signature moves. It makes your past raidings
    obsolete. I dont want another Raid Rotation with Kyogre and Groudon
    where they get their signature moves only to make your "old" Pokemon
    look garbage. ANd then you hunt for another high IV Shiny Signature
    Kyogre/Groudon, only that Niantic can make them obsolete aswell by
    releasing the primal forms/Mega-evolutions. Heating up old content over
    and over again sucks hard Niantic! It really does.

  4. Hey bro just wanted to say it was cool seeing you and your son in the vid. I know that's not your style but I just wanted to reassure you that I as one of your many viewers enjoyed it.. keep it up bro

  5. I am kinda pissed that literally every single event and bonus and what not involves hatching and raiding
    Niantic has to get that not everyone is able to do raids above tier 3 and that not everyone is going to invest crap tons of money for incubators

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