Shiny Chimchar Community Day tips for Pokemon GO | Blast Burn Infernape

The next Community day has been announced with no surprise and that is going to be Chimchar.
▪️How good is Blast Burn Infernape?
▪️It’s basically an egg hatching event
▪️Should you make multiple Blast Burn Infernape?
▪️DPS comparison to other fire Pokemon

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  1. I say: USE YOUR RESOURCES…like WHYNOT evolve as much as you can for the exclusive movesets? After the event; ALL your remaining chimchar candies will basically become useless. Use them for this event. I GUARENTEE you will find some people who couldn't do the CD (usually because of wOrK), and would absolutely LOVE one. And regardless; Tradables are tradables! Either way.. im still looking for the first 3 fire starters as shinies with their exclusive moves.. 🙁 But because PEOPLE DIDNT EVOLVE A WHOLE LOT for spares; I cant get one till i find someone who did…..and who is even willing to give one up… 😧 fml

  2. I like this Pokémon. I will do it like every time and catch and trade 100 pokis and evolve the best lucky:)

    I kind of dislike is that we did not have a really good c-day pokemon in a long Time.. you know: tyranitar, beldum, dragonite.. that was a cmnpletely different level. Lets hope for gible in 2020

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