SECRET AIRDROP LOCATION in PUBG Mobile! BEST Loot! | New Update 1.3.6 (Level 3 Loot)

“PUBG Mobile SECRET Airdrop Easter Egg! PUBG Mobile SECRET Loot Spot (Level 3 Loot Locations) PUBGM New Update Gameplay – Secret Flare Gun Locations (PUBG Mobile Secrets Secret Locations) Secret Cave in PUBG Mobile – Easter Eggs 2019 (Airdrop Locations) Update”


How to Download Chinese Version of PUBG Mobile!

Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here back with a VERY exciting PUBG Mobile video! We all…


  1. I had been to Asain once and decided travel to Vietnam. That country also had for itself a mid autumn festival!!! And it's mush more cooler than the Chinese one but check it out on YouTube

  2. Been trying to jump on the Chinese version of PUBG for a while but keep getting an error no matter what time of the day. Any way of fixing this. Not sure what the error is but could a VPN fix the issue.

  3. The old mid autumn festival is me and my friend/crush let the hanio baloon fly in the sky in the game and that day i ask her on a date romantic but deadly but still woth it we're both in china ver but were from America

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