1. Last number of like is where your landing
    1. The ocean
    2. The ocean
    3. The ocean
    4. The ocean
    5. The ocean
    6. The ocean
    7. The ocean
    8. The ocean
    9. The ocean
    10. Lucky landing

    Get the joke?
    Your lucky if your 10th like
    None lucky if your not!

  2. Hate Solomon Joseph Jacobson frivelicensridcard and all his friends and strangers!!!! Weres. My. Selflife birth. Gay. Single. Imonlyone personal 2 names. Cryingkids! Weres. My. Crying jupitervillage. Best friends. For life's!! And. Solomon stalker sons. Of.mine!!!!and only one daughter!!!!
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    Stranger. Jacobsoms reality. At this time. Jackseptic. Cop. Rapist. Gangster. Stalker!!!!

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