Save 100,000+ Stardust Per Event By Using This Strategy In Pokemon Go!

Save 100,000+ Stardust Per Event By Using This Strategy In Pokemon Go!
As a community we have to realize that we have many features at our disposal that truly help with the stardust crisis.
Weather Boosts and trading are two tools that I would highly recommend!
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  1. This video should have been condensed to less than a minute. He gave
    very little info in his rambling. His friend asked him to trade common
    event pokemon and he had an idea…. "yes", lol. His idea was to accept
    his friend's offer.

  2. This has been known since trading and lucky pockemon came out. And you can do it not only during events but everyday – just pay attention to the nests in your city. EASY. Man I should make a Youtube channel if everyone and their grandmother makes such silly "content ".

  3. I've got like 30 lucky Pokemon most are higher than 2300. They always have decent IVs and are cheap to power up. They're the best to invest in imo. Usually get the lucky around the 15th trade. But sometimes takes longer. It's worth it though if the distance between the traded mons gives you 3 for each trade.

  4. I've been wanting to do this since trading started but my brother doesn't play anymore and my niece is too low of a level. Seven trades is all I've ever done which just blows ?. Sure would be nice if best friends could trade long distance

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