Ryzen 5 2400G APU (3 Games Tested) | Apex Legends, Jump Force, BF1 MP | 1080p, 900p & 720p Gameplays

Hello people 😀

Today i bring you another video of 3 Games on Ryzen 5 2400G APU (using integrated graphics).

All games were tested with gameplays of 1 Minute.

Hope you all enjoy the video. If not asking too much, share it hehe


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  1. Bro I have 8 GB 3000mhz stick if I add one more 8 GB 3000 mhz stick then how many my pc performance inrecse tell me bro now I now if I buy 4*2 GB stick then this stick perform better from 8 GB but right now buymistake I buy single 8 GB 3000 mhz single stick so bro if I buy one more 8 GB sitck its performance better or not 4*2 GB mhz ram vs 8*2 GB MHz ram which is better bro tell me

  2. I have a problem with the iGPU when is overclocked.
    When OC to 1350 mhz the gpu and cpu down frequencies in games to 505mhz and gpu same.
    What solution could be?.
    -Ryzen 2400g oc 3.9 Ghz 1250mhz gpu
    -Gigabyte gaming 3 b350 atx
    -Delta group red 3000mhz 2×4 (oc 3200mhz).
    Thanks for the support :D.

  3. Nice vid. I have a question. My ryzen 3 2200g with vega 8 is performing below expectations. Is it cause I have single channel 2400mhz 8gb ram and how much more performance will i get if i switch to dual channel 3200mhz 8gb ram?

  4. Hello great video. Can i ask something because I see you use the 2400g? For the 2400g is it better to use dual chanel two 4gb RAMs or one 8gb (same speed) also is the cpu cooler (that comes with it) good for OC and for Motherboard Asrock AB350 pro4 or X370 or the new B450 thanks 🙂 (I will use cpu graphics)

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