Ranking Every Legend In Apex Legends Season 3 From WORST To BEST! (Competitive Tier List)

Want to know who are the BEST and WORST Legends in Apex Legends? Need help finding a main, or getting more wins? Wondering if Crypto breaks into the Top 3? All your answers are in this video! Ranking and Explaining Every Legend’s Competitive Value and overall ability to WIN vs. Every other Legend, and putting them in a simple Tier List for everyone to follow! What’s YOUR tier list? Comment below! LIKE for more videos like this! Subscribe & Hit the bell to get my uploads!…


  1. Bloodhound: the tracker

    Gibraltar: the protecter

    Lifeline: the healer

    Pathfinder: the transporter

    Wraith:the hider and transporter

    Bangalore: the tryhard runner

    Caustic: the troller

    Octane: the rusher

    Mirage: the trickster

    Wattson: the camper

    Crypto: the stay-behind-and-Watch-the-enemies

  2. OCTANE IS INSANE. I’m sorry but Bangalor, Gibby, an wraith are all WORSE THAN HIM. Please do some research. Also bloodhound is better than crypto and you need to play the game. Finally caustic is first bro

  3. Things u didnt mention.


    “Can shoot traps to heal or cover u while u pick team mate or banner

    “ Can use traps as cover in an open fight and if u have digi threat or sniper digi u can pop enemies through gas

    “Ur list sucks

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