r/entitledparents – EP Wants Fortnite Refund ! (Reddit Entitled Parents)

r/entitledparents – EP Wants Fortnite Refund ! (Reddit Entitled Parents) #reddit #entitledparents #parents

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Today we have few parents from reddit posts here, that are a bit entitled. All fresh Top Posts from Reddit for you guys. Some people just don’t get how to realize their entitlement. Maybe if they see themselves on r/entitledparents it can teach them a lesson. The Top Reddit Posts never promise too much. Everybody loves them !


  1. If the OP in the last story ever sees this: I was a manager for years. In no way, shape or form is that person a competent manager. In that situation, the manager should have dealt with the HC (hostile customer) and downloaded the game, while sending you off to collect yourself. In my stores, you would have gone to my office and filed out an incident report in the daily log, as in my experience these sorts of people never know when to quit and will pull this kind of stunt over and over until someone bans them (costing the company hundreds if not thousands in appeasement and labor). A good manager does not allow anyone—employees or customers—to verbally abuse an employee, for any reason. Ever. And the HC would have been quietly escorted out and never permitted to follow you to the bathroom! The guy may be a hardass, but he’s no manager.

    I strongly recommend you visit the Ask a Manager website (askamanager.org). Not only will you read advice on pretty much every work scenario ever (and some that will truly boggle the mind), you will also learn how to write a kickass cover letter, how to navigate HR, how to ask for a raise, and how to ace interviews. I wish it had been around when I was first starting out! It’s also a veritable treasure chest of entitled bosses, coworkers, and customers. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll be grateful your boss didn’t crash your wedding (and spit blood on the bride) or show up to your chemotherapy appointments!

    I wish you good luck—and better bosses—in the future.

  2. That manager is an ungrateful bastard who only cares about the constumer and doesn't think about the employee since they gave coupons and gift cards after the must have clearly heard all the shot talk. The worker should be given a raise actually no turned manager and banned the ep/ek from the store. Fucking asshole no caring about anyone but themselves. Even after they clearly explained the game was not included. Bitch Ass mother Fucking bastards.

  3. Oh my god! This could’ve been all avoided if that “EPIC GAMES” company didn’t fuckin sell cosmetic bundles in a fuckin box indicating there’s a disc in there! Why can’t you just fuckin put it up as a gift card for the bundle like Wizard 101 my god! ( Wizard 101 has these packs for stuff)

  4. I may be 12 but im Australian 170 cm and 75kg and if this happened to me I would knock them eps out

    Sorry for not using the amount oil drums liberated by m16 magizines insead of metric you american twats

  5. The Parent
    Plot: Josh (main character) is trying to survive in the subway station with an entitled parent and her spoiled brat
    Rated R. Intense blood and gore with stalkerish scenes

  6. OP in the last story, if you read this then here’s my advice to you.
    File a formal complaint against the manager. If you can, make it workplace bullying. As it’s a crime, you can take them to court for it. If you can’t, stick to just making a complaint. Then, start looking for a new job. Once you find it, do not give notice. They don’t deserve your services, and they don’t deserve the luxury of time for finding new people to fill your position. If you can, make it hard for them to fill the position. If not, whatever, not worth the time to find a way. That manager will look bad for the complaint and losing his employees loyalty, and the store will become a liability rather than a source of revenue.

  7. The last one got updated. Here are the updates so far

    Update #2: Spoke to HR this morning about the situation that occurred yesterday, and have some slightly confusing, but hopefully good news. So I was told by HR that since the company I work for is third party that Ms. Hardass manager technically doesn't have the authority to take disciplinary action against me. I had always assumed that she could, since we work inside of the store, but apparently not. HR tells me not to worry about it since the write up from yesterday dosen't really have any power over me unless my district manager approves it, or something like that. HR also let's me know she'll have talk with Ms. Hardass since she overstepped. Hopefully the next update will be me with me completely in the clear.
    Update #3: Ms.Hardass came up to me after coming in and presumably speaking to HR to let me know that she was going to contact my district manager about the situation yesterday. I don't know what her problem is, but she just won't let it go. So now I get to wait for that and I still have to finish my shift. Will update when I know more.
    Update #4: My district manager called me just before the end of my shift to get my side of things. I told her and she said while she didn't approve of me screaming at the EM, she did understand why. She said she's going to he in contact with Ms.Hardass the HR department and the store manager. Hopefully this will be the end of it, will update on any further developments.
    Update #5: So my district manager actually came into the store today to talk with both Ms. Hardass and the store manager. I got called in towards the tail end of their meeting and got a small verbal warning for screaming at the customer, which I'll take over a write up any day. District manager came up to me after and said she only did that since she was obligated to and if it were up to her she wouldn't have done even that. She asked me if I would like to transfer stores since Ms. Hardass was pushing hard to have me written up and suspended. I told her I would think about it, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to take it since it's closer to my house and I wouldn't have to deal with Ms. Hardass and whatever her personal vendetta with me is about. (Very special thanks to everyone who left a comment, sent a message, or just kept up with the updates. I'll even give a very special shout out to the guy who tried trolling me to make me feel better. You guys all have black belts in amazing.)

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