PUBG Xbox One Miramar (Desert Map) First Impressions – Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


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  1. I just got an 11 kill solo win on this map,I’ve just gone back to playing some PUBG when the new map released and now that I’ve seen it ,I’m starting to nearly like PUBG as much as fortnite

  2. I loved this map! Dropped way the heck out a couple times and had to run ?‍♀️ like fifty miles ? but mostly loved it, plenty of places other than the cities full of good guns. I played it a lot, it crashed on me I would say about 3 times. Xbox 1 x here. Again, I played a lot! The party system joining friends and audio via chat is a train wreck and that must be fixed before release. ME AN MY BUD GOT A CHICKEN DINNER IN DUOS! Wooot wooooot! Love the vids bro, thank you for the hard work and lessons on tactics. I learn from watching. Later dudes

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