1. im new to your channel and you seem sound as out (UK term for being really chill and nice) so I have subbed and I look forward to more PubG vids because I still have not got that solo win and I struggle sometimes with killing ppl. I need work on my sensitivity I think.

  2. It seems like a nightmare to try and play this game on console. it was hard enough for me to get down all the key binding on PC. It just seems like there aren’t enough buttons on the controller to play comfortably.

  3. Hey man, I’ve been following your channel for quite sometime now and I’m from Malaysia. I followed and adopted your xbox control settings in your other video and I just got my 4th Chicken Dinner on Xbox. Keep up with the great content proxi!

  4. I hope they will ad a fov slider. I need a 90 degree fov for fps games. I have open-angled glaucoma, and it's very hard to see with just the fov they give you at the least it is for me

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