PUBG Mobile Season 8 Royale Pass Leaks Reveals Upcoming Skins, Outfits and More

PUBG Mobile Season 7 is yet to end, but details about the next season and its royale pass rewards have already surfaced online. As per the leaks, Season 8 will be themed after the ocean and will bring a tonne of changes alongside the updated royale pass such as new skins, emotes, weapon, and other rewards. Ocean crates with rewards, updated profile avatars, and new achievement tier are also in the pipeline and will arrive with season 8 of the game.

The PUBG Mobile Season 8 Elite Plus…


  1. Yeh jo scar-l ki skin hai na…
    Woh mere paas abhi se hai….
    I got that from pubg classic crate or maybe…..
    Pubg crate….
    You can check it out in your shop of….
    PUBG Mobile

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