1. @pubg what do you feel about a person getting a ping of 15-20ms and the other one getting 80ms due to the fact that the stupid servers are situated in different region. Isn't that a fu King hacking?

  2. FPP NA solos has been absolutely crawling with cheaters lately. It's never been worse, and its always been bad, very very bad. hacktard reeeeeetard, hacktard reeeeeetard, spiteful delusional troll cheating pieces of shit. I pity them, biggest losers in gaming ever-…pubg cheaters and hack creators

  3. Emolators players are roots of all the hacks first ban emolator players that use Pubg mobile on pc see they live stream on youtube i think Pubg also sell hacks for those types of players

  4. First of all why did you remove the possibility of server selection? it does not bring anything anyways

    we have are lot of chinese people on EU servers and they cheat their asses off !!!
    just look at your top 100 player list you do not even need an anti cheat system to know how much bullshiters are in your game
    and you do anything.
    you could avoid it before by selecting NA servers but now its the worst PUBG ever.

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