Psystrike or 2 bar Psychic? Moveset comparison Machamp solo (no weather boost)

Pokemon go level 3 raid machamp (bullet punch/rock slide) in cloudy with psystrike mewtwo (left) and 2 bar Psychic (right)

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  1. psystrike and psychic (2 bars) data is up and live on pokebattler! Im aware psystrike is still better mathematically, I just wanted to show its pretty much the same. You can run the numbers all you want, but at the end of the day, RNG, knowing when to hold off charge move and when to dodge make the difference.

    Psystrike one started ok but towards the end RNG was terrible (also machamp was little more aggressive so it fainted at the end)

    unfortunately the raids are broken. So many bugs and glitches you can’t have clean run. So I believe psychic does almost the same thing as psystrike

  2. QED. Very convincing video. FWIW, powering up to level 40 saved you about a minute over my level 20 psystrike mewtwo team. Also I just found your channel and I'm really liking your replies to comments.

  3. Hi! I need some tips. 🙂
    I just came back to pokemon go and did my first legendary raids. I won over 4 mewtwo and failed to catch all of them 🙁 all my throws were exellent and most of them was with golden razzberry. I dont understand why I did not get any of them 🙁

    The other problem I have is that im out of revives and potions, and I never get any from pokestops or gyms. I dont know what to do about it 🙁
    Please answer if someone has any advise!
    Thanks! 🙂

  4. Love your videos! I knew the difference between the moves and the level of weave dps mewtwo could attain with both but I didn't stop to think about the gap between perfect simulations and unpredictable real conditions. Now I feel better about TMing the Lucky Mewtwo my gf traded me to psychic ?

  5. The onlys diffrence between psychic and psystrike is that it takes like a little bit longer to charge psychic and that's the only reason why psystrike is better dps than psychic but still they have the same dmg just psychic is a little bit slower. Thx for the vid it really showed me the differences

  6. Psystrike is faster than psychic. However, psystrike is not fast enough to make one more charge. Those two moves set are similar, it is not have to power up psystrike mewtwo if you already have some good old. This case is a little bit like shadow claw gengar and lick gengar.

  7. I used a TM with my Mewtwo to get Ice Beam to fight against Rayquaza, now that I've spent more than 20 TMs I've not been able to get back to Psychic yet. What a shame. And I can't get Wild Charge for my Electivire either…

  8. I was pretty upset about Psystrike as my hundo Mewtwo with Psychic that I maxed was no longer really valuable and now Niantic did this and I am REALLY happy. Already by trying it out on a gym it`s gotten so much better. Thank god.

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