Pokemon Go(How to get ditto | wild dragonite)

Yo guys…. Sorry for the late upload…. But here is the video….

Hiranandani Powai-

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  1. Have 13 Dittos Best CP is 495 Best IV is 64%
    I guess Niantic have intentionally kept there IV bad else i should have got a good one till now
    Also i guess we cant hatch them from Egg. Am i right ?

  2. Hey guys, How many XP you receive while catching new Pokemon (Ditto), I was receive only 650 :/ and i have seen some people receive 1000+ XP while catching ditto or other pokemon.

    Hatched Smoochum and magby today 🙂

  3. the event will start tomorrow of starters and lure module will also become for 1hr. but i have a lure module so i have to buy a new module or that old module will work for 1hr?

  4. 0 Dittos ?…
    I'm playing alone my xp it's only 17
    bhai meetup rakho na aap mil kar SAB Pokemon go khelenge…
    and happy birthday bhai ditto milna hi tha tujhe kal tera hi din tha bhai… keep it we all support you ??

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