Pokemon GO UPDATE! Tracking sites SHUT DOWN!

Pokemon GO UPDATE – new features, and no more tracking!

FREE Pokecoins and Gems:

Blastoise, Pikachu, Wartortle and so many more rare and legendary Pokemon are out there and ready to be captured! Share your experiences and join in the outdoor, real-time fun- on the GO!

Reversal’s awesome YouTube channel:

Pikachu Makes me CURSE:
Power Leveling FAST:

The Chief Pat…


  1. gymbattling glitches alot more. 1 hp left and the pokemon wont go down and keeps draining our own hp. so yeah there is still a long way until the game plays smoothly. also there is a glitch where nothing shows up after opening the game no pokestops, gyms or pokemon. until you restart.

  2. And yea what the hell you've mention many things that were already in the game, examples being AR has always been there, gym battles have always had special attacks by building the blue bar, and probably more but i didn't finish watching this video cause it gave no useful information.

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