1. I have installed Resurrection Remix and it uses magisk hide and it worked for like two weeks and now it doesn't work.. I really need to use Snapchat. and I want to play pokemom go. help would be appreciated.

  2. I have a LG Leon h324tr I rooted it with kingroot then i unroot and factory reset the device but now CTS profile match fails and dont able to play pokemon go it says UNABLE TO AUTHENTICATE. Can you help me please ?

    sorry my english is bad

  3. I had the same problem – I bought a factory new Blackview BV6000. "Unable to authenticate", SafetyNet Helper CTS "False". I used KingoRoot > remove root. SafetyNet still shows CTS false, but Pokemon GO works fine.

  4. hello cyber geeks. I've seen all your videos related to this problem and I was not yet clear as to what is happening in my case in particular. I have a elephone p8000 with the 5.1 version of android and from 00:37 update the PoGo that appeared me a message saying your device is not compatible. from 0:39 update the message has changed and now appears Unable to authenticate, please try again. already tried everything, uninstall, clear the cache, install in other ways outside the playstore, check if my device has root through the application that you suggested, until already sent 2 emails to niantic both unanswered. I test the phone in SafetyNET application and actually says it that I do not step on the safety test but not even realize why. I already tried everything and nothing works, I begin to lose hope, would be very grateful if you could help me

  5. And when I try and log in to my google account it doesn't even let me try and choose the account i want (I have more than 1 account) and goes straight out of the option to choose an account

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