Pokemon Go Players Suing Niantic?! PlayStation Plus Price Increase, & PUBG Stream Sniping Drama!

What’s up Gamers?!? Korrupt Klae here and Welcome to Overarching Opinions! A Weekly Gaming News Show devoted to give you the gaming news you need to know! We have a loaded show for you guys a lot happened over the weekend and we need to talk about it. First we have the PlayStation Plus Prices going up over in Europe, Pokemon Go Players actually suing Niantic over Pokemon Go Fest, and in our main event the Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Streams Sniping Drama!

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  1. So what do you guys think about the news? Is the PS+ Price Hike Justified? Or the Players Suing Niantic over Pokemon Go Fest? What about the PUBG Devs do they have a right to ban him without any actual proof?

  2. Stream sniping can be combatted by putting a delay on their stream. Either they didn't have one or their delay was too short. I've played LawBreakers on my main monitor while watching streams of players in my lobby on my second monitor and they had delays, so even though I could SEE them, it was always a minute or so ago so the information was pointless.

  3. Regarding the Niantic thing; Honestly i gave up on Pokemon Go cuz you'd plan meeting up with your friends to go for walks/bike rides and you'd get screwed over because difficulty connecting to servers. On top of that once you maxed out there was literally nothing to do for a really long time (I didn't max out). The pokemon battles at gyms were stupid imo. There were fun times though. I remember some guy and his gf were at this one school taking down a gym. then after the gym was taken down, we quickly threw out pokemon on there while they were healing theres. hahaha

    Now the PS prices are absolute bullshit. Keep in mind a new game is 80$ +tax = 90.40$ for a game. PS plus is also 80$ here which is ridiculous. Luckily my bro played it smart and he bought the older cards that were cheaper. he bought like 2 3mo cards for their older prices. I love Uncharted 4 online but i absolutely hate the idea of paying for it. especially since everything is way more intense and free on PC.

    Also, probably didn't say this before but looks like your changing your channel for the better. I like that. if i gave a suggestion, check out GamerNexus "Ask GN" videos and look at how they do their timestamps. not sure how much more work that is, but, if you did that, it'd give a rough idea of how long each topic is and when next one will start. I really like that about their channel. No other YouTuber aside from them, that i know of, does it.

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