Pokemon Go – Mesprit Catch in the Wild

Mythical Legendary Lake pokemon Mesprit caught in the wild . Very rare.

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  1. Hm, what's happen if i will go with Go Plus and it's appears? Lol, this thing bothers me a lot… I saw something about how Mesprit/ur regional could have escaped before, but not now. So many questions about this rare and mysterious pokemon trio…

  2. Yo Cychreus its me Rishabh remember how wild psyduck helped me get my first Mewtwo last year in his live streams you were also there at that time if I remember correctly.Now unable to spoof on my device so I'm retired if you want any shiny( my magby included ??) then we can trade and can chat on Twitter I will dm you if you're interested.btw mind checking my channel post brawl stars gameplays if not then ok np??

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