Pokemon Go Gyms Explained

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  1. Slightly confused on how to get your Pokemon in one of your own teams gyms when the gym level isn't high enough to add another Pokemon to it? Do I need to keep training against my own teams gym or do I have to wait it out to get a spot. All help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!

    Ps. Great Video!

  2. So i have few questions about the gyms.BTW i have bad english so sorry if u dont understand me.
    Im from team Valor
    If i get enemy's gym for example team mystic, and i pyt my strongest pokemon in there, when they destroy my gym, do i have to go to the gym and get my pokemon? or it automaticly transfer to me? and another almost the same if i put a pokemon in a gym, can i recall him back 😕 sorry for my bad english 😀

  3. hey a doubt. i tried assigning a pokemon to a gym that was already held by my team but that option never came even though there were only 3 pokemon in it already. there was only an option to train and not to assign a pokemon. what to do

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