Pokemon GO Gen 4 Winners & Losers | Part 1

Gen 4 has been released in Pokemon GO! Naturally, trainers have been asking which Pokemon from Gen 4 are good. Even though only 26 Gen 4 Pokemon are out in the game, we do have Game Master information on every Gen 4 Pokemon’s stats and movepool allowing us to analyze their performance. This is a clip from my livestream SwagTips where I cover the performance/meta-viability of every single Gen 4 Pokemon. Given that the stream took over 2 hours, this is just a snapshot going through Pokemon…


  1. Very informative video and you’re funny as hell lol. Hate when people explain in monotone voice with little enthusiasm. The whole point is to have fun and be excited while playing.

  2. So Rhyperior is a budget smackdown ttar and from a ground type its weaker than garchomp in both DPS and TDO, compares to mamoswine (less DPS more TDO) who has bulldoze. Damn this guy was supposed to be the groudon for people who missed out.

  3. I was trying to explain to some users on a FLW video which ranked Garchomp as the #1 new gen 4 pokemon and Rampardos #2 with this comparison using Gamepress stats.

    A Lvl 27 Kyogre = Lvl 40 Gyarados and the DPS difference between the two is 15.7 to 14.1

    Rampardos DPS is 18.4 and SD Ttar's is 14.3 with an almost identical DPSxTDO. The next strongest non-legacy/community day rock type is Golem with 12.5. The sheer power of this mon cannot be understated.

  4. Stop pronouncing Mothim like Ana-"heim".. Wor-MADAM <- reference to femininity, Mot-HIM <- reference to masculinity.

    I've heard many mispronounciations of pokemon names, but this one came out of left field because it should be so obvious..

  5. You might want to have another look at Roserade as a Grass type attacker. Despite it's moveset, it should have the highest Grass type DPS in the game (including FP Sceptile).

  6. If rampardos looks bad, just wait until archeops drops. The thing gets sky attack, rock slide, rock throw and smack down along with insane offenses, the age of the fossils has just begun

  7. Rampardos seems sweet but don't think there will be much use for it for awhile. The broader range of useful mons seems to be the most appealing thing so far especially for ice, electric, and dark. Metagross/Roserade combo would be sick if we ever get a t4 Gardevoir, ground still shafted with terrible moves, Heatran as well. Hopefully the stat rebalance doesn't make things too easy with defense nerfed, but they'll probably raise the raid HP like with Mewtwo I feel. Overall it seems like ghost and dark are best futureproof investments as the amount of beast psychic types continuously grows. Kyogre, Champ, Rayquazza, Mewtwo, and Gengar reign supreme with Metagross about to join them

  8. How is razor leaf & solar beam a bad moveset for Roserade? It’s actually really good. We knew it couldn’t possibly get frenzy plant or leaf blade so solar beam is still a great move but not best DPS, & razor leaf is great aswell, much better than bullet seed. So it technically wins in both types

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