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[Kotaku] The Creators Of Pokémon Go Mapped The World. Now They’re Mapping You
[The New York Times] Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It…


  1. It's just to condition you to being tracked with the final goal of tracking you with zero permission. They are already doing mandatory ID in Europe and then it will be compulsory micro-chipping (Already openly discussed a few years back in UK)… you are already carrying chips.

  2. well, if they were collecting my folks data the locations on file would be wrong since they both use a fake gps app to travel the world without ever leaving the house, raiding and catching shinnies the laziest way possible.

  3. I always thought they had to track these sorts of data to know where to search for more POI’s for Pokéstops and where to populate the map with more Pokémon like in the last update. Location data is of little concern, it just pings where the app s being played. It’s not like they are reading your texts and emails… some people smh

  4. I hate when apps ask your location, audio, contacts, and photos. And if you denied one of them you cant use the app. If they want my information well give me half of that money.

  5. The game needs to know where you are. And there are features that are active specifically when the game isn't running. So as long as my location data is only used for the game and not being sold out used otherwise I'm fine with it.

  6. Your argument of trying to protect the children is ill-relevant. Cell phones could not be sold to those younger than 18. If your 18 your considered an adult, although a dumb adult, an adult. Those who choose to purchase cell phones for their children should be wise enough to know applications such as Pokemon go, Twitter, Facebook or others may have ft's such as these. With terms of service children are not reading but accepting on behalf of the adult's whom purchases these products for them. As a corporation the terms of service is in place to protect their products and their company. Users should know by now that most applications have features that expand grater than the general purpose of the application.

    This really is not new news

  7. This is 2-3 years old. Niantic's orginal biggest customer was the US government. This was before Pokémon go. Ingress collected tons of info, then players also submitted tons of poi, cross this with Google maps. This does not even scrap the surface. There is a reason why Google dropped Niantic during the creation of alphabet. Also Niantic just killed the original ingress app and forced people to use ingress prime. I can't imagine what they mapped during this time.

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