Pokemon Go Bot – Auto Walk & Catch | PokeAuto v1.1

This Pokemon Go bot allows you to Auto Catch Pokemon, Auto Farm Pokestops, Auto Hatch Eggs and includes safe 24/7 Auto Walking. Our Anti Ban Technology sets us apart from all other Pokemon Go Hacks found online. Using PokeAuto to catch Pokemon is the fastest and safest way to level your account.

PokeAuto is the only Pokemon Go bot that can be used safely. Don’t risk your account by trying other “Pokemon Go Hacks” found online!

PokeAuto is the first Pokemon Go Hack Bot of it’s kind. Our…


  1. Hi bro, this is a really good quality vid and I left a like and also subscribed to your channel!! I would love if you checked out my channel and subscribed and stayed active, thanks 🙂 in advance. I also have a shout out Sunday series on my channel which you can gain alot of active subscribers and will really assist you out, hope this helps 🙂

  2. it looks like its not accurate on figguring out which is pokemon and which is pokestop, and should also do auto zoom out so it can click the pokemon right away

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