Pokemon Go: A Trick to for More Revives and Potions!

This trick is worth sharing. Best Part is that more people doing this the more potions and revives we’ll have, which will makes Raids a little easier too.


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  1. Mine aren't always giving me 50 coins. I'm getting more 1-5 coins. Is there a certain CP number you don't want to go below? Cause I've been putting in my lowest CP number ones at like 10 and some times they'll get me 50 coins.

  2. Sounds great when you live in a city with a hundred gyms and people aren't franticly trying to take a gym over because getting 2 coins is a waste of time.

  3. This completely defeats the purpose of competing for gyms, and I'm glad that nobody is doing it. This literally strips the fun out of building a team to actually defend a team, and working with other players in the process. Instead of doing that, you're wasting other people's time and using them to farm coins.

  4. What a bad idea, so where’s the fun? Sounds to me like I would put a weak Pokémon in and he will die immediately and not get any coins because he was in there for 1 minute.. I don’t live in the boonies this would never work

  5. Hello. I know this is not the topic of this video and I also know that this comment is kinda late 😀 . But I´ve just seen your video about aproaching people and doing magic to them and wanted to say that you look like a super cool and kind guy and I would love to see more magic vids from you. Im commenting on your latest video so that its higher chance to see it? Have a nice day and good luck.

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