NVS 5200m Gaming Test 11 Games 20 Minutes CS:GO GTA V Fortnite Need for Speed and more

Recorded via OBS

NVIDIA NVS 5200m is equivalent of Quadro 1000m, GT 540m, GT 630m, GeForce 710m

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Game List:
0:00 BeamNG.drive
1:56 Counter Strike: Global Offensive
3:45 Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Viva La France)
5:46 Minecraft
7:43 SpinTires
9:39 Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012
11:35 Need for Speed Rivals
13:35 Battlefield 4
15:03 Grand Theft Auto V
17:12 Heroes & Generals (Experimental DirectX 12)
19:13 Fortnite

Nvidia Driver: R384 U6 (386.01)


  1. Hi this may sound weird but could to test one or 2 games for me ? I wanna buy a decent laptop which looks nice and smooth just like a Thinkpad. Definetly no gaming maschine cause i have a pretty good one at home but it would be nice to know how well the games i play the most run on the NVS 5200m and if its worth for me paying the extra to get this card instead of Intel HD 4000. I can test the Intel HD 4000 myselfe cause i have an old broken Laptop here with this IGPU but the NVS 5200m is a different story. Thank you even if you decide you do not wanna do that or you do not have this laptop anymore.

  2. Hola qué tal? Tengo una laptop Dell E6430 Intel core i7 3520M 2.9ghz de 4 núcleos con una Nvidia NVS 5200M de 1GB, 320GB HDD y 12GB RAM y no me corre CSGO ni con los gráficos bajos ni con otras resoluciones de pantalla, además de eso tengo problemas de FPS. Qué puede estar pasando? No sé qué más hacer.

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