No Man Left Behind – Apex Legends Full Gameplay

Apex Legends allows eliminated teammates to be re-spawned back into battle. Teamwork
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  1. I dont understand how youre playing sometimes dude, its like, for example, its 3-4 squads left in the game and intense battles will begin very soon, youre on Spitfire and Peacekeeper, you have plenty room in your backpack, you have 45+95 bullets in the Spitfire, you open a deathcrate, theres 200 heavy ammo in there, but you dont take a single bullet from the crate??? You did that several times while still on 45+95. You spent all your bullets at the end, and had only peacekeeper left. You were lucky that time, youre teammates actually could drop you heavy ammo, if not you wouldnt have been able to support them at all, they couldve had only light/energy/shotgun ammo themselves and nothing to drop. I think that was a stupid and weird move.. same with your R301 in the start, you had 20+115 bullets, but chose to drop it for a standard Hemlok with 20+40, when it clearly were gunfights going on very close to you and your squad.
    But i like youre videos dude, keep them up!!

  2. GOLD PROWLER – He had no idea you could switch it to full auto because it already has the hop up.

    Also, Caustic can have 6 traps out at a time.

    Also, also, you can pick up a downed enemy's shield, and it will be at full charge.

  3. Seems to me if you play Caustic, getting in the habit of closing doors behind you and dropping gas in random buildings could be useful chip damage to randoms. They might not expect random gas canisters when looting buildings that seem unlooted.

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