1. This video did not help me at all. Neither did 10 other solution videos on how to resolve this.
    [[update]] I finally found the answer. This might work for you as well. Type search and Killer Control Center on your PC. Disable Advance Stream Detect. Nothing, and I mean nothing else worked for me.

  2. can anyone help me so here's the problem that
    i'm facing i am facing screen freeze issue in csgo and other games game runs fine then all of sudden screen freezes and i have to sign out using ctrl+alt+del even task manager opens but for some reason i cant open it
     my specs-ryzen 3 1200
     gpu=1050ti gigabyte
     my monitor is a bit old its lag flatron around 4-5 years old probably idk but its old for sue more than 2 years ram=8gb corsair
     can installing creater ready driver fix my issue?
    what i have tried to solve the problem-
     1.tried uninstalling drivers and install some older version
    2.tried problems with ram using cmd ram check
    3.reinstalling windows reinstalling games obviously interesting thing i noticed when i boot my pc i can play csgo sometimes after 2-3 crashes but if i try to open csgo after playing apex or any other games csgo crashes as soon as i get in the match and restarting doesnt help in that case please dude any help is appreciated.

  3. Ever since the latest update came out for apex, when me and my team lands at any spot on the map my audio INSTANTLY cuts out, so I run around for a few seconds thinking it just fix itself but nope the game just randomly freezes on me for no fucking reason. Honestly does respawn just not give a shit?

  4. if you still face this problem… what really helps is to remove the overclocking of CPU.
    my i7 8700k was overclocked to 4,8 GHZ… game was crashing all the time. after removing it i had no crashes anymore. playing since 3 weeks without a crash.

    no problem.

  5. you ever notice how the main twitch players from shroud to drdisrespect and others dont crash? they are not smarter and i have a stout system as they do but you dont think they get first hand service and response from respawn? My system was fine then suddenly started to happen. I find it crazy a top tier developer cant fix this and i need to run my 144hz at 60hz.. thanks for the help and putting the video out appreciated. .Just had to complain lol

  6. For me it freezes for about 5 – 10 seconds and then it comes back but it doesnt crash. It does this whenever it wants to. It doesnt matter if its in the middle of the game or even in the lobby.

  7. HI there for those of you who tried this and it didnt work,
    If you are using "Killa control Center"

    what i found that has helped is deactivating "Advanced stream detect" in the options.

  8. I just installed the game and its working fine and crashes at like 2hours of game. And today my settings in apex reverted back to its original settings and crashed and whenever i open apex it just crashes so i reinstalled the game and didnt even helped. So maybe its because of my ram? What do you think? (sorry im not good in english)
    Gtx 1050ti
    4gb ram
    1tb hdd

  9. I'll add this here, hopefully someone tries as it fixed my crashing. Underclock GPU (i dropped -85mhz core , -200mhz memory). I haven't had the time to reset the underclock back to original (could act as hw reset). I crashed all the time and other games also started after these patches / driver switches back and forth. Not a single crash since (I tried even reinstall windows and had no effect, crashing kept coming DXGI_ERROR HUNG)

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