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  1. These people he plays against are pretty bad idk never played pc but console players aren’t this bad may be many more random teams than console, but I’ll be honest he does have amazing tracking. This is why I stay away from pc couldn’t track like him to save my life. Also like nobody finishes their kills either wouldn’t let him be revived in the first place. “Thirst” please stop making that a thing because it’s not. It’s pretty strategic at many times to just kill the guy. But I guess pc guys just play very aggressive.

  2. I think it’d be cool if Apex added a rewards system where after you get 5 wins, you get a starter bonus. Like a badge you can equip before a game for a 1 time boost/bonus. Maybe like starting the game with a gun. Or having 10% more speed the entire game. Or having 25% damage reduction, 15% more health etc. that’s something we haven’t really seen

  3. Most guns in this game along with legends are viable. We all know which ones aren't and avoid them like the plague. Been experimenting with weapons as I just started to play 2 days ago and already have a handful of wins. Been maining Bloodhound because of the passive aggressive playstyle they have, can swap between tracking a team to pushing a team instantly and their ult is useful for everything, it can outrun the red, it can help you push, it can help you flank or escape. Just really enjoy the character. Found out that you really don't want to use the ability to much though, its best used as a counter to being pushed instead of using it to push because it gives away you're location and doesn't give you the most accurate infomation. So use it when you're in cover being pushed to see where they come from rather then the other way around.

  4. Shroud with a Hemlock on single fire, firing like its full auto. Either your finger speed is insane, or you've got something on your mouse that isn't legal to play with.

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