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The Deepest dive yet into the world of the m16a4 with a little bit of a hat tip to the early days of Pubg Mobile and the events that have lead to the guns relation ship to the primary ar slot being tenuous at best at present.

Hope you enjoy.

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  2. I wanted to master this gun so I stick with it for like 5+ month on single instead of burst, I've died many times coz of that but I never left it as my primary weapon and now mastered in completely on both single and burst + close and range combat

  3. love video guide like this
    They are very cool and make people look at it differently and makes try to try it out and maybe love it.
    Would love if you could do a MK14 guide

  4. Make a video on gyro vs non gyro players. I believe that gyro is a bit too strong rn. I have started using gyro and 4 finger claw and its naaaasty. I can now spray an m4 at around 300m and down a target in 15 or so shots. Never could do that w no gyro. I can spray an ak extremely accurately at 150m. Im not even that great w gyro. You shouldnt be able to full spray an mk14 on auto with an 8x at 100m. I feel like this would make an interesting topic.

  5. So you're saying that m16 is not any use anymore for a tpp thumb player…….y u make me sad?
    You're right…..for a thumb player it's much better to use akm at cqc. With m16, u have to make sure you land the whole of the first burst, and that might still not be enough….so you'll need to land the second burst as well(before the enemy kills u), which is next to impossible to do, if the enemy is auto
    Ig it's only useful for someone who wants to snipe but has god awful aim, and thus uses m16 burst to atleast land one of the three bullets, lol.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Happy Surviving!

  6. They may have nerfed the gun the same way as it is nerfed in PC but it does not feel like it at all, just PUBG PC 1.0 recoil problems.

  7. Bushka you should check out the m16 with a 6x and single fire mode, you will be surprised how better it is than any DMR in the game(at least better than mini, sks, slr) trust me, I know what I am talking about, it will not disappoint, it has very close shots in single mode, even if you fire really fast, just compare it with any DMR in the shooting range.

  8. Well .doesn't matter how the gun is preformed while there is some god level glitch where you can't leave airplane or pick a gun..its the end for me with pupg mobile….suck my balls you fkn devs

  9. Umm I play tpp. I used that gun from a week back till 5 days. But I stopped using it coz when I rapid tapped the burst and compared with m416's time to clear a full clip of 30 bullets; m16 took more time than the m416. It's a type of gun when you hip fire when moving, it's luck …2 shots might hit or 1 shot, 1 definitely missed(especially when I found enemies strafing side ways). They shoot me with m4s and I am down pretty quicker than them. I've noticed one more thing is, even for beyond 20mts burst sucks when hip fired. It need to Ads to hit effectively. In cqc even when I had shot guns, I could jump and shoot accurately while in air. M16A4 sucks at that situation. I use claw btw. It's only kind of mid range weapon but it doesn't work in 3-5 feet battles and not even in long range. It makes me no sense why someone should pick this up when there are much better choices out there. I would pick up even ump or s1897 instead of this crap gun.

  10. Bushka you really need to hear our voices. The game is getting worse with every update. Please make a video on this so that Tencent can atleast know about this because they don't seem to give a shit about us.

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